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What is madras, you ask?

Check out what Chris and Christie Powers had to say:

It’s a plaid cotton fabric originally from a small fishing village of Madraspatnam (Madras), India where it originated. It made its way to the Caribbean in the 1600’s by way of trade through the Dutch and British settlers. Many Caribbean islands have officially adopted their own unique madras pattern to use in their cultural costumes and official decor! There has been a resurgence of interest in the younger generations to preserve this rich cultural history that is literally woven into the fabric that represents the islands.

The madras design features specific colors reflecting the Virgin Islands:

  • Green represents the islands’ natural resources and production
  • Turquoise represents the natural beauty of the waters of the territory
  • Royal blue represents the deep sea and transport and discovery
  • Red represents strength and love
  • Pink represents the conch shell and the call to freedom
  • Yellow represents the territory’s official flower, the yellow cedar
  • White represents the traditional dress made from flour sacks

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