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Welcome to my needlepoint where imagination and madras merge to create perfection with embroidery. My mission at Menshun, LLC is to create decorative pieces using unique madras fabrics to take Caribbean culture around the world. All of my designs will feature a wide variety of colors that exemplify the fusion of European plaid fabric and vibrant African colors that is madras.

My inspiration stems from the island of my nativity, the beautiful, lovely, unique island of St. Croix, which is nestled comfortably in the U.S. Virgin Islands. For those that call the U.S. Virgin Islands home, here are some exciting new ways to make madras a part of your everyday life. For those of you who are a part of our larger global family, take a piece of the U.S. Virgin Islands home with you.

Madras can be used for more than cultural dance, carnival, festivals, and local ceremonies. It can be incorporated into interior d├ęcor for your home, walls, table cloths, table runners, placemats, napkins, custom-made pieces and so much more. Each fabric has its own vibe and its own style, which influences the unique designs that will be featured here.

I pay homage to those who came before me and have revolutionized madras and I now humbly receive the baton to continue innovating madras for years to come. Thank you for becoming a part of my trend.

Come discover what speaks to you.

Founder and Artist,
Zuhrisha Jacobs

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